infoSource Limited is a leader in Internet of Things (IoT) on the African Market. infoSource Limited is the preferred  African Partner for Zariot.

All our SIMs are eUICC, which means they have multiple operator profiles which are automatically, remotely programmed. This allows connection to multiple networks ensuring a seamless roaming experience and reliable coverage regardless of location.

Our eSIM's are automatically switched to optimal network when the device is turned on in the delivered country

All mobile networks and their subscribers are at risk of attack and fraud by opportunistic hackers and other bad actors with access to mobile technology.

Simply put: there are no security breaches that do not have a financial impact for operators.

From lost functionality due to a DoS attack, to the reputational damage done by headlines about a VIP subscriber being successfully targeted through their mobile service, operators simply cannot afford to take chances on the security of their network.

We can protect your network and your devices with ZARIOT. Contact the IoT Team in