Data Solutions

Server colocation

infoSource provides premium, secure and reliable colocation services for your business. Superb customer support and great service quality are things you should expect from an industry leading data centre infoSource.

With flexible solutions which include renting multiple racks or private cages, infoSource colocation services can grow with your business' changing needs.

infoSource colocation hosting gives you total control over your server while offering the speed, reliability and security you can only expect from a dedicated hosting leader.


Get in touch today if you have any questions about our Dedicated Server products or would like some assistance getting started.

Dedicated and Virtual Servers


Constantly purchasing, deploying, scaling and managing the physical devices, the network and the server room become things of the past, when done by yourself. So put down the hardware, get out of the your server room, and and start working smarter by freeing up your talent and money for activities that drive revenue.

Dedicated Server Management

Designed for people who want their online services to be managed by our experts, so they don’t have to worry about maintenance, updates, upgrades and renewals. Our Dedicated Server management packages can be applied to all of our servers, and we can tailor your solution to suit your budget. From Security hardening, through to fully managed solutions.

Comprehensive server management which comprises of 24x7 proactive monitoring, health checks, server hardening, installation and configuration of Anti-Virus, backup setup & recovery and OS management and updates.